Announcing NYCorrespondence, an international call for mail art, using the postcard function in the Poetics visual poetry app for iPhone. 

Create and submit a text/image work in the form of a physically mailed postcard, sent out of the Poetics app to Kickstarter’s new gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The postcards will be shown on a rotating rack, from which any visitor to the gallery may take the work.

If you’re open to correspond with whoever finds your postcard, please include some contact information on the back. 

Or leave it out as an anonymous, chance donation of mail art. 

The Poetics app is free until May 15. The show runs from May 15 to June 30th. Postcards themselves cost $1.99 sent from anywhere in the world.

An example of the postcards and rack display is shown above; each card is a traditional, 4”X6” print on glossy card stock.

An example of the postcards and rack display is shown above; each card is a traditional, 4”X6” print on glossy card stock.

For context on this project:

We look forward to receive your cards.



Only the latest version 1.1 has the postcard feature and it requires iOS7. 



Compose a visual poem or any sort of text/image combination.

 Press the share button on the bottom left of the screen. 

Press the “Postcard” button. Continue through the screens and create an account if you have not already. 

Send your card(s) to:

58 Kent

Brooklyn, NY 11222


You will receive confirmation that your card has been sent via the email address you enter.


Please note we cannot acknowledge receipt of your postcard, or guarantee all submitted postcards will be shown. The submissions will be curated with as light a hand as we can manage.


Marina Abramovic Institute, Marshall Arisman, Jeremy Bailey, Amanda Browder, Heather Hart, Steve Lambert, Ligorano / Reese, Eugene Richards, Mary Ellen Mark, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Mike Perry, Leon Reid IV, Richard Renaldi, Phil Stearns, Swoon, Howard Tangye, Spencer Tunick, Saya Woolfalk


For inquiries / questions, please send a note via the Poetics tumblr »

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